Guest Information

Information for our Guests

Like many private golf clubs, Rosedale has implemented a number of standards governing attire and other matters on and off the course. The following summary of these policies is offered for the benefit of experienced and first-time guests alike. The goal of this note is to provide a measure of certainty for everyone, to reduce any chance of embarrassment, and to ensure the best possible guest experience at Rosedale Golf Club.

Golf Course Dress Code

Members should dress with taste, discretion and consideration of other Members. Golf attire should be neat, tailored and consistent with the standards of the Club and tradition of the game of golf. All guests are asked not to change into their golfing attire in the parking lot as day lockers are available in the Club House.  Members are also responsible to ensure that their guests comply with the Dress Code. In the event of an infraction by a Member or a guest, the Board has instructed the Professional staff to speak to the Member (not to the guest) with the details of the infraction.


  • Golf shirts must have a collar, or must be a recognized golf club design, e.g. mock turtle or turtle neck. Shirts must be tucked into the trousers.
  • Shorts must be of reasonable length. Cargo shorts are not permitted. Socks should be golf or sport socks, and may be of any length. Dress or work socks may not be worn with shorts. 
  • Slacks must be tailored, pressed and unfaded. Jeans, sweatsuits, yoga attire and cargo pants are not permitted.  
  • Golf shoes with soft spikes only are permitted.  
  • All logos on attire and equipment must be small and discreet.


  • Tank tops and low necklines are not permitted. Tops must be tucked in, except those with a banded bottom.  
  • Shorts, skirts, and skorts must be of reasonable length. Cargo shorts are not permitted. Socks should be golf or sports socks, and may be of any length. 
  • Slacks (including capri length) must be tailored, pressed and unfaded. Jeans, sweatsuits, yoga attire and cargo pants are not permitted. 
  • Golf shoes with soft spikes only are permitted.  
  • All logos on attire and equipment must be small and discreet.  

Running shoes are permissible footwear for Juniors, aged 10 to 13 years old.

Club House Dress Code

  • Business casual attire is appropriate at all times in the Club House. Business casual attire for men includes a collared dress shirt. Ladies should dress to a similar level of formality. A jacket and tie are always welcome at Rosedale, but not required.  
  • Golf attire may be worn in the Club House except for the Rosedale Lounge and Rosedale Dining Room, the Donald Ross Room, and all Pines rooms (unless permitted for post-tournament or other specified events).
  • Members are expected to dress appropriately in all areas of Rosedale Golf Club, and are responsible for the attire of their guests and family members. Parents, be they Members or guests, are expected to ensure that their children’s attire reflects the spirit of the Dress Code.  Casual clothing that is not appropriate for anyone at Rosedale includes blue jeans, blue jean jackets, cargo pants, rugby shirts, athletic t-shirts, sweat suits, yoga wear, and clothing with large logos. 
  • In the Club House shirts must be tucked in, except dress shirts with tailored bottoms, specifically designed to be worn untucked. 
  • Hats may be worn in the locker rooms and on the verandas, but not elsewhere in the Club House with two exceptions. Religious and cultural headwear is permitted. Women may wear hats that are part of formal attire.
  • Shorts must be of reasonable length.
  • Gentlemen may not wear open toed and/or open heeled footwear anywhere at Rosedale. Women may wear open toed and/or open healed footwear of a dressy nature. Rubber flip flops and Birkenstock style sandals are not permitted.


Personal Electronic Devices

Such devices may be used in silent mode and for non-audible use anywhere on Club property. Cellular telephone calls may be made or received in three locations: the main floor telephone room, the second-floor business office, or in a car. House telephones are available for use by members and guests in the Club House.


Members and guests are asked to refrain from smoking in the Club House, in the Professional Shop, and on any of the outdoor terraces. In accordance with City By-laws, smoking is permitted in the designated area just to the north of the front door entrance. The use of cannabis is not permitted anywhere on Club property.

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Private Functions

From intimate dinners to breathtaking weddings, our spectacular Club House is the perfect backdrop for your celebration. The use of our facilities is reserved for our members.

Guest Information

We are proud to introduce guests of members to our facilities. The following information allows guests to understand Rosedale’s dedication to providing a world class facility and commitment to the game of golf.
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Golf Course

Founded in 1893, Rosedale is proud to be an official Donald Ross course and is ranked as one of the best classic golf courses in Canada.


Using Highway 401:

  • Take the 401 to the Yonge Street exit. Go South.

  • Continue south on Yonge Street, past York Mills/Wilson Avenue and keep going up the steep hill in front of you.

  • Go through the first set of lights and make a left on the second street, Teddington Park Avenue (TD bank on the corner).

  • Make a left at the second stop sign on Teddington Park Avenue.

  • Stay to the right of the TTC bus loop

  • Keep right until you see Rosedale Gold Club main entrance following the black wrought iron fence. 

Using the TTC Eglinton Station:

  • Take the Mount Pleasant 103 bus.

  • Get off at the last stop on the run before it turns around to head back to the station.

  • You will see a black wrought iron fence across from the bus loop. 

  • This is Rosedale Golf Club. Follow the fence until you see our Entrance.